Kiss-worthy lips with gloss that goes on easy and stays perfectly!

What is it: A collection of lip glosses that are beautifully creamy, perfectly non-sticky, shockingly pigmented and dangelously addicting. 

What does it do? Indulge your lips with this amazing creme lip gloss available in 21 kissable shades. Because it's a lipstick and gloss combined, you can wear it alone to accentuate the natural beauty of your lips, highlight your bottom lip to add fullness or glide it on top of your lipstick for a sexy, dramatic look. You can achieve the most daringly perfect look with full, smooth, hydrating, and best of all non-sticky results. Formulated with natural oils to keep lips soft and supple, this gloss will be sure to accentuate your timeless elegance and perhaps even let your inner Frankie shine. 

How to use: Apply sparingly on your lips, making sure to cover every luscious curve. Trust us, you’ll be dying to get more! 

Fill Weight: 20 grams

Available in 21 Stunning Shades:

Pearl Lip Gloss- A sheer, shiny light gold with glitter
Sugar Lip Gloss - A light nude with shine but no glitter
Pressed Flower Lip Gloss - A shiny neutral with a hint of pink, but no glitter
Gala Pink Lip Gloss - Light icy pink with shine and sparkle but no glitter
Cotton Shimmer Lip Gloss - A sheer, light pink with a hint of glitter 
Raspberry Dazzle Lip Gloss - A pink & purple semi-sheer gloss with glitter
Valentine Lip Gloss - Dark hot pink with shine and a hint of glitter
Sunset Lip Gloss - A shiny coral with no glitter 
Sangria Lip Gloss - A bright, shiny red with shimmer but no glitter bright red
Crushed Berries Lip Gloss - A shiny dark purple with pink hues but no shine or glitter 
Winter Plum Lip Gloss - A shiny deep plum with no glitter
Tangerine Lip Gloss - Bright orange with shimmer and a hint of glitter
Fashionista - Semi sheer golden sparkle with a hint of mauve undertones
Flirt - Semi sheer berry sparkle 
Lovely - Sheen finish lavendar lilac, non glitter, non sparkle
Tease - Hot Pink with extra strong pigment (similar to a lacquer)
Fairytale - Sheen finish lavendar lilac, non glitter, non sparkle
Exotic - Mauve sheen - no glitter
Girl Boss - Pink shimmer nude
So Fetch - Glitzy nude bronze shimmer
Deception - Completely clear with pink undertone